Recent Photography Assignments

Some recent photography assignments carried out across the UK

Kent Railway Photography

Project Description

For this leading construction employment group Mike photographed a work group on a railway in Kent. This involved having a visitors pass to be allowed on the railway, but escorted at all times. The site was in North Kent where works were being conducted on an area for a signal box to be located.

Included in the total cost was travel to Kent, pre shoot discussions and supplying the client with documents for the preparation of the TVP ( Track Visitor Permit ), one days image adjustments with light retouching.

Estimated cost for similar shoot: £850.00 + travel and VAT

Project Details

  • Client: VGC
  • Location: Kent
  • Shoot Duration: Half Day
  • Post Production: One Day
  • Number of images delivered: 22

Commercial Cleaning Photography

Project Description

Specialist cleaner The Kleaning Company Ltd. employed Mike to shoot a selection of images for their new website. Mike worked with one assistant and battery power lights to produce crisp images of the cleaners at work.

Each set up took approximately 30 - 40 mins, getting the lights in the correct possitions and finding different angles. Each image had up to an hour spent on it in post production, adjusting the colours, exposure and removing blemishes and optimising the images.

Estimated cost for similar shoot: £1,800.00 + travel and VAT

Project Details

  • Client: The Kleaning Company
  • Location: London
  • Shoot Duration: One Day
  • Number of set ups shot: 11
  • Post Production: Three Days
  • Number of images delivered: 32

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