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Specialist construction photographer with the skills and experience to create outstanding images for your company. Contact Mike for a free quote or a chat about your next project.

Construction Photography

Construction photographer in Hi-viz on a site in the UK

I am a specialist construction photographer with 19 years experience, creating captivating images for companies of all sizes and in a huge variety of sectors.

Most of my clients are still using photographs I took for them long after the initial shoot, demonstrating the enduring value and cost-effectiveness of my work. They are used for websites, advertising and all forms of marketing, for companies of all sizes promoting their products and services.

As all jobs are different, I will assess your assignment and provide an individual quote. If I feel I wouldn't be the best photographer for the job I will try to point you in the right direction.

I don't just bring a camera to a shoot, I bring years of experience and knowledge.

The quality of service and price is exceptional value. On every commission he is prepared to go over and above to get the job done right!
Ralph Scrutton, Marketing Manager, Perception.Co
A Banksman directing traffic at a London construction site photographed for the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

My images are used for websites, marketing, pr and advertising, anywhere quality images are needed to promote products or services.

Clients include major contractors, architects, hire companies and government bodies, with shoots taking place in a variety of locations.

I have taken pictures at nuclear power stations, down Crossrail tunnels, on Network Rail sites and up the tallest iconic London buildings.

Always happy to have a chat about your next photographic project.

Construction Photography Portfolio

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An example of commercial photography showing a worker with a deWalt drill at a London construction site

My introduction to construction photography was several years ago, working for a company on their project in Stratford, East London. Once the Stratford photography was completed, they employed me to photograph projects throughout the UK, covering them from start to completion.

This gave me a good understanding of the photographic requirements of construction companies and of the health and safety issues.

Since then I have been the photographer on construction projects and completed buildings for architects and construction companies, photographing projects such as airports, power stations, hospitals, schools and commercial properties.

Photography Equipment

A worker on a Crossrail construction site.

I use Nikon professional cameras and lenses, updating the equipment regularly to provide the best quality of image possible.

Often a small lighting kit will be used to enhance the photos, even one light can prove invaluable in achieving a particular look or style on a photoshoot. All the equipment is battery powered, not only negating the need for power on the sites, but also eliminating leads which could cause a trip hazard.

Images are shot in RAW format which has the ability to retain more information, they are then processed in Adobe Photoshop. I do all the adjustments and retouching myself, often spending two or three days per half day shoot.

London Construction Photography

A London construction site photographed from above.

As a construction photographer in London a large number of my assignments are in the capital, though I do work across the UK

Many of my images of building sites are of tall buildings, infrastructure and transport. I have worked in the underground tunnels of both The Tube and Crossrail, documenting repair work and new construction and tunnelling being carried out.

Working in some of London's iconic buildings I have helped many companies show their expertise and skill improving the built environment and construction processes.

Happy to discuss any assignments in London or photoshoots anywhere across the UK

London construction photographer working throughout the UK for companies large and small, design studios and advertising agencies.