Prices for photography

Fees and costs for commissioning photography

Commercial Photography

Images for Companies and organisations

Fees for commercial photography range from £550.00 for a small shoot to £2,400.00 for a more complex shoot involving lights and several days of pre and post production.

There are examples of prices for shoots on the commercial photography fees page, showing details of the photography, post production and image licensing packages.

Email or call Mike to discuss any photographic requirements, he will happily assess the requirements, and get back to you with a quote and availability.

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A personal trainer in a gym showing a client how to lift weights

Portrait of an employee in a Central London office

Corporate Portraits

Headshots and Staff Portraits

Corporate portraits at your office are charged by an attendance fee plus a cost per person photographed. In central London the attendance fee is £265.00 with a fee of £65.00 per person.

The background can either be a plain wall for a studio feel, or with a window or suitable part of your office.

For areas outside London or for any more information call or email Mike.

Phone: 07831 386374


Hiring a photographer

Email or call Mike with the dates of your assignment to check availability. If the timings or dates are not arranged yet, no problem, he understands the difficulties in arranging shoots, particularly when access and permissions can be tricky.

For an idea of costs take a look at the commercial photography fees page. If one of these looks similar to your upcoming shoot let Mike know, along with the location and dates. Any other information, including how the images would be used would help Mike to get an individual quote to you.

Phone: 07831 386374
Construction client making a call to book a photographer

Aerial photo of central London available for licencing and usage for websites

Image Licensing

Buying images

Some of the images on this site are available to be licensed for use on websites, brochures or advertising. Not all images can be licensed due to model release restrictions or previously agreed licences.

Exclusive licences are not available due to the images being used previously.

Email with a screen grab of the image / images you are interested in with an outline of how they would be used ( website, brochure, or advertising etc ) and Mike will advise if the photograph is available and costs.

Phone: 07831 386374

London photographer working throughout the UK for companies large and small, design studios and advertising agencies.