Commercial photographer

London photographer Michael Molloy helps large and small companies to improve their image and promote their services and products. He works directly for companies or through PR firms, design groups and agencies.

Commercial Photography

Images for Companies and organisations

Whatever size your company Mike can help improve its image, promote its values and increase customer engagement.

Clients include finance and employment agencies, construction companies, manufacturers, industrial operations and all types of London businesses. Commission can include portraits, interiors and architecture, products and industrial processes, almost anything that can be photographed.

Mike will happily discuss your photography requirements, and advise you if he feels he is not the best photographer for your requirements. Email or call for a chat.

Phone: 07831 386374
Photograph of a chef in a commercial kitchen in Central London

A large lorry travelling along a motorway delivering chilled produce


Fees and costs for commercial photography

Larger shoots using lights, and involving several days of post production are approximately £1,800.00 - £2,200.00 + travel and VAT. Costs include post production - optimising the images, light retouching and delivery via a transfer site and image usage. Smaller less complicated shoots, up to half a day on location range from £550.00 - £900.00 + travel and VAT. Post production included.

For most companies all the usage needed is included. The images will be perfect for websites, brochures and all forms of marketing. Major advertising, posters, newspaper adverts etc are not included but can easily be added for a negotiated fee either before or after the shoot.

Corporate portraits are charge by a set up fee plus the number of people being photographed, more information and examples of costs are on the corporate portraits page

For more pricing information see the commercial photography fees page which has examples of shoots with fees and costs.

A couple walking towards a private jet at an airport in Essex


20 years of commercial photography

Mike has been working for 20 years as a commercial photographer, for a diverse range of clients. Initially Mike worked as an assistant for a variety of professional photographers. Through this he gain valuable experience of all forms of photography from fashion and food to roomsets and cars.

Working for London commercial photographers he gained experience with all forms of equipment and now uses Nikon digital cameras, high quality lenses and professional flash units.

Mike's clients include W. J. White, a London office furniture company, producing images of their products in London offices. For the NHS, Mike produced a series of still life images to promote a healthy lifestyle. Portsmouth based RAK ceramics employ Mike on a regular bases to photograph roomsets for advertising and brochures, constructing sets in their warehouse.

For London Studios, an advert and brochure for the premier TV studios in the UK, photographs included the studios facilities and locations around London. Mike has recently photographed the Essex Air Ambulance and the Hertfordshire helicopter for fund raising literature. For the last two years Mike has provided Bestway Cash and Carry with images of their outlets in Kent and East London and at their head office in North London.

Mike has been shooting commercial photography for over 20 years producing images for clients across the UK. He is always happy to chat about your photography requirements.

Phone: 07831 386374

Portrait of company executive in a central London office

London photographer working throughout the UK for companies large and small, design studios and advertising agencies.