Many thanks for your professionalism, help and adaptability in terms of all the shoots, you are wonderful to work with and everyone loves the images!
Engela Greyling, Marketing Manager, Nexgen

Commercial Photographer

Photograph of a photographer

Experience and skills

I have been a photographer for over 20 years, working on assignments across the UK. I enjoy working for small and medium sized companies as well as larger clients. My images are used on websites, in brochures and in all forms of marketing.

I always select and adjust the images myself, and am skilled in editing in photoshop for any retouching required.

Based in East London I'm ideally located for central London shoots, but often travel across the UK on assignments for clients of all sizes.

Photograph of a photographer taking a picture of a lorry from a car on a motorway

From shots of lorries being driven on the road, team portraits, helicopters in flight or your people at work, I have the experience to photograph a vast range of subjects.

For construction photography I have standard PPE and Public Liability Insurance. The extensive experience I have working on construction sites has given me the knowledge and awareness of the issues shooting in these environments involve.

Photograph of a young woman

Post production and delivery

I always select the photographs to be retouched after the shoot. Some images may be a combination of several shots, or have elements added or removed in photoshop. With portraits I have a subtle approach, just a small amount of retouching can improve an image, without looking artificial.

Supplied photographs are large enough for massive enlargements, or for extensive cropping, making them very versatile. My images are used by companies to promote their products and services on-line and in print.

Although always shot in Raw, the final images are converted to jpgs and delivered via a transfer site.

London photographer working throughout the UK for companies large and small, design studios and advertising agencies.