Product Photography

Photography of products for packaging, packshots, brochures, advertising and websites. Commissions may be for individual shots, a series of images, or pack shot photographs for catalogues or websites.

Working Images

Products in use

Mike's preferred method of showing products is in use, where lighting is used on location. This enables the item to be seen in the best light doing what it was made to do.

Clients for this style include deWalt, Gorilla Tubs, and Malibu.

Fees may be charged by the day, for the complete job or by the product / photograph.

Contact Mike for a chat about his photography fees, he will asses the shoot and get back to you with a quote.

Phone: 07831 386374
A cigarette in the shape of a question mark

A young woman on a sofa for a local press advert


Studio product shot of a bottle on a white background

Studio Products

Crisp, clean images

Images of products shot in a studio, typically against a white background. Each image is photographed on a white background using special lights and lenses to get the best image possible, then the photographs are adjusted and retouched. Sharpness and clarity are improved to show the product at its best, as well as exposure and colour.

Mike will not be the cheapest photographer for products, but his eye for quality and detail will ensure you are supplied with images you will be proud to use on your website and all forms of marketing for years to come.

High Volume

Not a main photographic style for Mike, but contact him with your requirements and if possible he will recommend another photographer or advise on best options to fulfil your brief.

Phone: 07831 386374

Lighting for small products is often tungsten or continuous not flash, this gives more control of the light. Macro lenses are used for small products, Mike has a range of macro and shift lenses of focal lengths from 24mm to 85mm. Information on image usage is available here along with copyright, image information and licensing details.