Corporate portrait photographer

Photographer working throughout the UK for companies large and small, design studios and advertising agencies.

Corporate Portraits

Corporate portrait of an employee in an office in Canary Wharf.
Portraits shot at your office

Quality headshots and corporate portraits shot at your office either with the office as the background or with a plain wall for a studio feel.

All the lights and equipment needed for corporate portraits are easily transportted in a surprisingly small pack, in central London it's no problem to use public transport, reducing costs.

Group shots and other images in offices can be more complex and may need more equipment.

Email or call Mike to discuss any photographic requirements, he will happily assess the requirements, and advise you if he is not the best photographer for you.

Corporate Photography Portfolio


Portrait of a man against a plain background photographed in the companies central London office
Fees for corporate portraits

Costs for shoot at a Central London Office near public transport. For areas outside London, group shots or other photography please email for a quote.

Either plain wall or office background

Images supplied as High Res jpgs

Three adjusted and lightly retouched images of each person sent via a transfer site within ten days

Attendance Fee £265.00 plus £65.00 per person + VAT

Example: 5 people in an office setting total cost £590.00 + VAT

Two people walking accross a bridge between two buildings at a head office building of a large company.

Mike has been shooting corporate portraits for twenty years, working for companies in The City and Docklands. Clients range from Banks and other financial organisations to lawyers, architects and software developers.

Outside London Mike has recently worked in Birmingham, Plymouth and Falkirk for a large engineering company photographing all their staff.

Contact Mike about your next annual report photographs or any other image needs, he is always happy to chat about your photography requirements.

London portrait photographer working throughout the UK for companies large and small, design studios and advertising agencies.